Monday, November 7, 2016

Facial Trauma

Following a car accident or another accident or injury, facial trauma can occur. Sometimes this trauma can require detailed surgery in order to correct the damage in the best way. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can perform this detailed procedure successfully. A Miami Florida dentist such as Rita Claro can determine the type of trauma suffered and determine what treatment methods each patient will benefit from the most.

Facial Trauma
Facial trauma can include a variety of things and is not limited to: knocked out teeth, broken or fractured cheek, nose, jaw or eye socket (orbital) or facial lacerations. This trauma requires a high degree of trauma to the patient. Correcting the trauma requires special training and understanding of the long-term appearance and functioning of the face. A professional dentist such as Rita Claro can take these things into consideration when considering the approach to repairing this trauma.

If a patient has knocked out teeth, a root canal treatment is typically performed first by an endodontist. The length of time that the tooth was out of the mouth and how it was stored both influences how this is performed. Immediate treatment is always important with this type of trauma. To schedule an appointment to discuss your trauma and suggestions to treat it successfully, call 305-267-3751 today. The nature of your injury, the length of time from injury to treatment and how the tooth was cared for (if applicable) all will affect the options available to you. We are ready and willing to help you treat your facial trauma today.

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